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Hiragana Course

Shape and Sound

Shape and Sound - 1 Shape and Sound of あいうえお
Shape and Sound - 2 Shape and Sound of かきくけこ
Shape and Sound - 3 Shape and Sound of さしすせそ
Shape and Sound - 4 Shape and Sound of たちつてと
Shape and Sound - 5 Shape and Sound of なにぬねの
Shape and Sound - 6 Shape and Sound of はひふへほ
Shape and Sound - 7 Shape and Sound of まみむめも
Shape and Sound - 8 Shape and Sound of やゆよ
Shape and Sound - 9 Shape and Sound of らりるれろ
Shape and Sound - 10 Shape and Sound of わをん


Short and Long Vowels How to pronounce short and long vowels
Irregular Pronunciation Irregular Pronunciation
Seion and Dakuon かきくけこ and がぎぐげご
Seion and Dakuon さしすせそ and ざじずぜぞ
Seion and Dakuon たちつてと and だぢづでど
Seion, Dakuon & Han Dakuon はひふへほ, ばびぶべぼ and ぱぴぷぺぽ
Sokuon Pronunciation of Sokuon
Yōon Pronunciation of Yōon ゃゅょ
Particles は and へ Pronunciation of Particles and
Particle を Pronunciation of Particle

Reading Quiz

Reading Quiz - 1A あいうえお [Basic]
Reading Quiz - 1B あいうえお [Advanced]
Reading Quiz - 2A かきくけこ [Basic]
Reading Quiz - 2B かきくけこ [Advanced]
Reading Quiz - 3A さしすせそ [Basic]
Reading Quiz - 3B さしすせそ [Advanced]
Reading Quiz - 4A たちつてと [Basic]
Reading Quiz - 4B たちつてと [Advanced]
Reading Quiz - 5A なにぬねの [Basic]
Reading Quiz - 5B なにぬねの [Advanced]
Reading Quiz - 6A はひふへほ [Basic]
Reading Quiz - 6B はひふへほ [Advanced]
Reading Quiz - 7A まみむめも [Basic]
Reading Quiz - 7B まみむめも [Advanced]
Reading Quiz - 8A やゆよ [Basic]
Reading Quiz - 8B やゆよ [Advanced]
Reading Quiz - 9A らりるれろ [Basic]
Reading Quiz - 9B らりるれろ [Advanced]
Reading Quiz - 10A わをん [Basic]
Reading Quiz - 10B わをん [Advanced]

Writing Quiz

Writing Quiz - 1A あいうえお [Basic]
Writing Quiz - 1B あいうえお [Advanced]
Writing Quiz - 2A かきくけこ [Basic]
Writing Quiz - 2B かきくけこ [Advanced]
Writing Quiz - 3A さしすせそ [Basic]
Writing Quiz - 3B さしすせそ [Advanced]
Writing Quiz - 4A たちつてと [Basic]
Writing Quiz - 4B たちつてと [Advanced]
Writing Quiz - 5A なにぬねの [Basic]
Writing Quiz - 5B なにぬねの [Advanced]
Writing Quiz - 6A はひふへほ [Basic]
Writing Quiz - 6B はひふへほ [Advanced]
Writing Quiz - 7A まみむめも [Basic]
Writing Quiz - 7B まみむめも [Advanced]
Writing Quiz - 8A やゆよ [Basic]
Writing Quiz - 8B やゆよ [Advanced]
Writing Quiz - 9A らりるれろ [Basic]
Writing Quiz - 9B らりるれろ [Advanced]
Writing Quiz - 10A わをん [Basic]
Writing Quiz - 10B わをん [Advanced]

Typing Quiz

Typing Quiz - 1A あいうえお [Basic]
Typing Quiz - 1B あいうえお [Advanced]
Typing Quiz - 2A かきくけこ [Basic]
Typing Quiz - 2B かきくけこ [Advanced]
Typing Quiz - 3A さしすせそ [Basic]
Typing Quiz - 3B さしすせそ [Advanced]
Typing Quiz - 4A たちつてと [Basic]
Typing Quiz - 4B たちつてと [Advanced]
Typing Quiz - 5A なにぬねの [Basic]
Typing Quiz - 5B なにぬねの [Advanced]
Typing Quiz - 6A はひふへほ [Basic]
Typing Quiz - 6B はひふへほ [Advanced]
Typing Quiz - 7A まみむめも [Basic]
Typing Quiz - 7B まみむめも [Advanced]
Typing Quiz - 8A やゆよ [Basic]
Typing Quiz - 8B やゆよ [Advanced]
Typing Quiz - 9A らりるれろ [Basic]
Typing Quiz - 9B らりるれろ [Advanced]
Typing Quiz - 10A わをん [Basic]
Typing Quiz - 10B わをん [Advanced]
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